Air Conditioning

When did you last have your air conditioning system checked?

It needs recharging every 2 years to keep it cool in the Summer and to stop it misting up in the Winter. If your air conditioning system isn’t fully recharged, you will use more fuel and it will put strain on your engine as it will have to work harder. Also bacteria builds up within the system!

Most garages do not include an air system check in a full service but we do! If you book your car in for a full service, we will check for free that your air conditioning system is working efficiently.

  • If you want to book your car in to just have the air conditioning checked we charge £25 plus VAT to test it.
  • If your air conditioning system needs recharging, it will cost from £50 plus VAT.
  • Air conditioning sanitiser, which also clears unpleasant odours in your vehicle costs £15 plus VAT.

Call us today on 01726 814400 or email us here to arrange your air conditioning service.